Bengali Rasgulla popular sweet


Bengali Rasgulla is the most popular Indian sweet. It is lighter than other Indian sweets. It is a sugar-heavy desert but its delicious. Bengali Rasgulla is a popular Indian sweet must on special occasions like weddings, festivals, etc. Rasgulla is made up of cheena i.e milkfat and milk is a good source of protein and protein contains amino acids which are very good for health. As milk is a source of calcium too and calcium is required for healthy bones. Apart from this cheena is good for heart health and improves digestion. As no frying involved in the preparation of rasgulla so it contains less calories than other sweets so, because of that it is a great sweet dish for weight loss. Rasgulla is a popular dish in West Bengal and Orissa. Popularity if rasgulla spread to all over the world.

Bengali Rasgulla popular sweet


  • 4 cup milk
  • 0.5 cup lemon juice
  • 4 cup of water
  • 2 cup of sugar

Preparation Method:

  • Take a vessel and boil milk on high flame.
  • When the milk starts to boil, add lemon juice to it slowly. Stir the mixture until the milk fat(paneer) and water get separated.
  • Filter this using a clean cloth and drain out of the water from the mixture.
  • Once the water is drained out, wash the milk fat using water to remove the lemon taste.
  • press and rub the milk fat to remove the excess water.
  • Make 10-12 balls from the milk fat.
  • Take a pressure cooker, add water and sugar then boil it.
  • Once the sugar water mixture starts to boil then add the milk fat bolls into it.
  • Close the cooker and boil in medium flame for 5 to 7 minuter or 1 steam Whistle.
  • Then, open the cooker and transfer the content into a vessel.
  • Keep this in the refrigerator and allow it cool.
  • Enjoy…

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