Year: 2021

What are the biggest takeout meals?

It’s not uncommon for diners to be surprised by the food choices at their favorite restaurant, or find out there’s a limited amount of takeout in their area.Takeout options vary greatly from city to city, but there are some common tips to make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.Here are a few tips […]

Puerto Rico’s first fast food chain, a fusion of Puerto Rican and Italian cuisine, opens in the U.S.

Puerto Rico has officially opened its first fast-food restaurant, which will reportedly offer the region’s traditional cuisine as well as traditional Puerto Rican food.Fast food chain Fritos Puerto Rico will open in the first half of 2018 in the city of San Juan.The chain’s menu will include fried chicken, fried egg, fried avocado, and pizza.“We […]

A new line of whole foods is making a comeback and Whole Foods are looking to make their own whole food offerings.The companies announced Thursday that they will begin selling a line of “high quality organic and non-GMO products,” including dog food from the famous Royal Canin dog foods, a line that’s been popular with consumers for years.The brands are also adding a new […]

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