Goya’s new product, rice, is a hit with Irish people

In Ireland, rice has been on a tear this year, with consumers buying an average of 1,824kg per week.

This compares with 1,208kg per day in 2014.

The Irish food giant’s new rice product, called “Goya Foods”, is a new product in the rice world.

It is designed to replace “goya” as a generic brand name for its food products.

In a press release, Goya said it had been in development for the past six years.

Goya Foods is a brand new rice and wheat product that has been developed and manufactured by GoyaFoods Ireland, the company said.

“Goyas products are available in a variety of flavours and textures including white, white rice, white flour and white rice bran,” it said.

In fact, this is the first product of its kind to be available in Ireland.

Goyas new product is white rice and white flour, the two ingredients that are used to make white rice.

The product comes with a free gift card for one meal a week for a year.

Gourmet foods products like beef, lamb and pork are all currently produced in Ireland, but the bulk of their sales are from other countries.

However, Irish consumers are buying more of Goya foods products than ever before, as Irish consumers spend an average €1,848 per year on food, according to the Irish Times.

The Times reports that in 2015, Irish people spent €1.9bn on food and drink, up by 7.6 per cent on the previous year.

In comparison, the UK spent just €1bn on its food and drinks in 2015.

The company has said it is investing €2bn in Ireland and that it is also looking at other countries to invest in Ireland to develop the industry.

However this could be difficult to achieve without the backing of the Government.

The Government has made clear it will not support Goya Foods products.

The Department of Agriculture and Food (DAF) is also considering whether to take legal action against Goya, which has the right to import and sell its products to Ireland.

“In our view, this action is not in the public interest and is not compatible with the Government’s statutory duties to support the food and agri-food sectors in Ireland,” a spokesperson said.

However the spokesperson said it was “quite unlikely” that a legal challenge would be successful.

It comes as the Irish Government is preparing to make changes to the way it regulates the farming sector.

According to the Times, the Government will be changing how it regulates farming by introducing new legislation that will allow the Government to regulate a number of areas including the use of chemicals, waste management and animal welfare.

The government is also expected to introduce new legislation to allow a greater level of regulation on the way food is produced and sold in Ireland by introducing a new agricultural tribunal.

The changes are expected to come into effect from next year.

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