Why food allergies can affect our health and wellbeing

When you have food allergies, it’s hard to know if it’s because of the food or because of your lifestyle.

For some, food can cause an allergic reaction and for others, it can just be something that’s not part of the diet.

Food allergies can be caused by a wide range of different foods, including grains, dairy, nuts, beans and lentils.

But there’s one food that can cause the most severe reactions.

Food allergies are often mistaken for a food allergy because it’s easy to spot and can cause a severe reaction.

The most common food allergies are those caused by wheat, barley, oats, barley bran and rye.

You’ll also see it listed as an allergy to eggs, nuts and milk.

If you’re unsure, you should contact your doctor.

You should also know that people with food allergies may be allergic to a specific food that is part of their diet.

For example, some people are allergic to eggs.

This is why it’s important to get regular and accurate allergy testing if you’re considering food.

You can do this by visiting the NHS Food Centre at any time of year.

It’s free and will take you to a collection point where you can pick up your first test kit.

If you’re allergic to wheat, a food you eat regularly may be a trigger for food allergies.

If you have a food intolerance, you may be more likely to have food sensitivities.

These can cause severe reactions, including skin reactions, breathing problems, skin rashes and even life-threatening symptoms.

You may also have difficulty digesting certain foods or feel more irritable.

If food allergies aren’t an issue, consider eating healthier, and don’t forget to keep your food out of the fridge.

This could mean avoiding refined sugar and other processed foods.

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