When it comes to food, you’re better off with the lion ad

FOOD LION, the food network that has become a global force in social media advertising, will no longer be airing its new “The King of the Jungle” series.

The show, which aired on ABC, will be rebranded as the “King of the Belly,” the network announced Monday.

The new series is set in Botswana, where “the King of The Jungle” is a powerful leader of the wild lion population.

It is an adaptation of the book “The Jungle Book: A Life in the Jungle,” which follows the adventures of a young boy named Big Bumbu as he travels to the jungle to learn the secrets of life.

“Our fans have been asking us for years to rebrand this brand of programming,” said a spokesman for ABC.

“We’ve been in discussions with the producers of the show and are confident that it will resonate with our fans.

We also look forward to partnering with the new series in the future.”

The “King” of the jungle series follows the exploits of Big Bumpy as he embarks on a journey to conquer the wilds of Botswana to find the elusive King Bumbi.

The first season of “The Great Jungle Hunt” on the network aired in 2016 and starred the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Chris Pratt and Tom Hanks.

ABC will air the “Great Jungle Hunt,” which will be released by the end of 2018, on an ad-free schedule starting in March 2019.

“The ‘Great Jungle’ Hunt is a global phenomenon that captures the heart and imagination of audiences with an innovative, unique approach to storytelling and compelling characters,” said ABC Entertainment president Ted Sarandos in a statement.

“This brand of entertainment has the power to make a difference and capture people’s imaginations in an entirely new way.”

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