A Muslim family eats halal food in Alberta’s Edmonton

A Muslim Muslim family is celebrating their halal foods in a suburb north of Calgary.

“It’s great because it means that we’re not being discriminated against,” says Yasmine Khan, who owns and operates the Muslim market in the Edmonton suburb of Woodbridge.

“We are not being singled out, we are being able to come here, shop, eat our food and we feel good about it.”

The Muslim market is part of the local Muslim community, which Khan says has been growing in Edmonton over the past two decades.

The community started with just one stall in 2006, Khan says, and now has around 100 people living in a community that includes restaurants, shops, and cafes.

Khan says her family has not experienced any issues with Muslims coming to Edmonton from abroad, and she’s proud of her community’s inclusion in the food chain.

“I’m proud of the fact that they’re able to buy from me, buy their food from me,” she says.

Khan has been in the Muslim community for six years and is a member of the Edmonton-based Community Centre of Canada.

“My mom was born here, my dad was born there, and my brother is here,” Khan says.

“And we’re all here together.”

She says she is happy with the community’s progress and hopes to expand the market with other Muslim communities in the future.

“The community is growing, it’s growing, and we want to expand it.”

But Khan is not worried about discrimination or Islamophobia, and says she feels she is part and parcel of the community.

“Our culture is not against other cultures.

I’m proud to be Muslim, I’m not proud to not be Muslim,” Khan said.

“So there is no reason why I cannot be here.”

In fact, Khan hopes the halal market will be a place for Muslims to eat and share their food.

“When I come here every day I feel very safe, I feel like I’m part of this community.

It’s a wonderful thing to see,” she said.

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