How to eat low carb for better health

Famed French chef Michel Roux, whose “Fault Lines” restaurant in Paris is famous for its Mediterranean food, died Monday.

He was 91.

He had been hospitalized in Paris since last month with an illness, and was expected to recover.

Roux had been in the hospital since early July, and had undergone two operations in Paris, the chef said.

“I am still waiting for his body to arrive in Paris,” said Roux’s daughter, Marie-Louise Roux.

He worked at the famed restaurant for almost 40 years, until its closure in 2015.

Rouxtins daughter said she hopes his death will encourage others to keep trying new foods and avoid processed foods, which can be more harmful than fresh foods.

“When you’re cooking in a restaurant, you want to be healthy,” she said.

Rouxe had suffered from colon cancer for more than a decade.

His family has opened a restaurant in his memory in Paris.

He started his career at a French restaurant in 1973, and has been at the helm of the restaurant ever since.

His restaurants in Paris have sold over 400 million meals, and his son, Michel Rouxa, has become one of France’s most famous chefs.

The restaurant, known for its meatballs, salads, soups and sandwiches, is also known for producing some of the country’s best chefs.

“Michel is one of the greatest of French food,” said Soufian Salloum, president of the French Restaurant Association.

“His passion is always to bring the best out of his restaurant.”

In 2013, he opened the Michelin-starred “Roux,” a French gastronomic phenomenon.

He said he’s proud of the many people who have come to visit the restaurant over the years.

“They all came to try it, to see it, and I am very proud of them for that,” he said.

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