Month: June 2021

How to Make Acidified Coconut Milk: An Acidified Food that Starts with u

The first step is to make your own acidified coconut milk.This recipe is actually a vegan version of coconut milk, but it’s an acidified version that has no sugar added.It is a little bit less salty than regular coconut milk but has a richer flavor and taste.This is a great alternative to traditional coconut milk […]

Which NFL team has halal and which does not?

NFL players are banned from wearing certain apparel that is made by a halal supplier, including the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers.The NFL has also banned players from wearing their own team uniforms.It’s unclear which clubs are exempt from the ban.Halal certification is the process of ensuring […]

Kobe Bryant will be at Fast Food restaurants in China

Kobe Bryant is expected to visit restaurants in Chinese markets to sign autographs and take photos with fans.The Los Angeles Lakers superstar will be on a two-day trip to China to sign memorabilia, eat at restaurants, take photos and meet fans, according to a report by the AP.Bryant will join the rest of the Lakers […]

‘Food network’ recipes for the holiday season: ‘Thanksgiving food’

This year’s Thanksgiving meal is going to be delicious, and thanks to food network recipes it’ll be all about the foods, right?We’ve assembled a list of Thanksgiving-friendly recipes that you’ll want to try this year.If you’ve got an appetite for delicious food this Thanksgiving, here are some recipes to get you going:

Royal Canin Dog Food’s petition to the US Supreme Court is now on the go

The Royal Canina dog food company petitioned the US government to remove a $2 billion tax break for a protein-rich dog food.Royal Canin’s petition, filed in the US Federal District Court, asks the Supreme Court to block the tax break, which was originally granted in 2014 to the company that makes the popular Royal Canins.The […]

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