How to get the freshest food at the best prices at Tyson Foods

A new program for fast food restaurants to get healthier by reducing the amount of saturated fat in their menu is proving a hit.

A new program to get healthy by reducing a lot of saturated fats in their menus is proving to be a hit at Tyson Food.

The company announced Thursday it’s launching a program to reduce the amount and types of saturated-fat-rich food that it serves in its restaurants across the U.S. It will offer customers a choice of a healthier option, or a menu of food that is free of saturated oils.

Tyson has a long history of testing food products to see if they can help improve the health of consumers.

It tested its first diet-based menu for more than 30 years.

Its latest menu is designed to help consumers cut down on the amount, types and amount of fat in food and is available on its website.

The company’s menu is made up of more than 50% lean meat, eggs, dairy and fruits and vegetables.

The remaining 25% is made of meat, fish, poultry and nuts.

In addition to reducing the saturated fat content of their menu, Tyson is encouraging customers to order less of certain foods and choose fewer of them.

Instead, customers can choose a diet-focused menu where the items on the menu are based on what you like to eat.

The company says the changes will help to decrease the amount fat in the foods customers are served.

There are currently no restrictions on the types of food the company will be offering in its new menu.

The new menu includes the following items: Tuna -Pork, chicken, salmon, and steak are among the items not allowed on the new menu at Tyson.

Chicken and steak options on the Tyson menu are now free of trans fats.

Avocado -The avocado is now free from trans fats, and is made with only 2% saturated fat.

Mango -Mango is now also free of both trans and saturated fat and contains only 0.8% saturated fats.

The other ingredients are plant-based and have a healthy amount of protein.

Black bean -Black beans are now also made from only plant-derived ingredients and contain just 0.5% saturated-fats.

Tomato -Tomato is now made from all natural ingredients and contains no trans fat.

It’s also now free to add more plant-fiber-rich ingredients.

Vegetable -Vegetables are now made using only plant sources of protein and only contain only 0% saturated and trans fats .

Cucumber -Cucumbers are now all plant-made, and contain no trans and trans-fatal levels of fat.

(Tyson says its new tomato sauce is also plant-fuel-rich.)

Lobster -Lobsters are now making their way to the new lineup, and are now mostly plant-fed.

They also have less fat and more protein.

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