Free food delivery in Vang Nga and Vang Phan Phan

A new service has been launched in Vangs Nga district of Vietnam, offering free food delivery.

Free food has been provided by the government in a number of places in Veng Phan, which is located close to the Chinese border.

The service has also been extended to other places of Vang Nam and Vung Nga in the district.

The initiative was launched by the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene (DFHS) of the Department for Food Security and Rural Development (DFRS) in collaboration with Vangs Nam and a number local companies.

The VangNam and VangsNga districts are located close together, and the food is being delivered by two companies: Sankha Food Group and Food & Wine Services Pvt Ltd.

Food delivery in these areas was announced by the DFSHS on November 4, 2018.

The DFSRS said that the new service was launched in the area of Vangsnam and Vong Nam and will extend to other areas of the district in the coming months.

In a recent meeting, the Dfsrs, in conjunction with the VangsVnam District Administration, decided to provide free food to villagers in the two districts, which are close to China.

The decision was also supported by the Vangnam-Vong Nam District Administration.

According to the Dfhs, the food delivery service was also launched in Nang Phung, which lies to the east of Vongsnam.

It has been confirmed that the VongsNga district will be covered by the service.

The delivery of food was also announced by DFHS and DFSres in VongNang, which was the first district to be covered with the free food service.

According a recent survey, there are approximately 6,000 villagers living in Vongs Nam and the district is expected to grow by a further 300 villagers in coming years.

According the DFsrs, food delivery has been implemented in the areas where the population is low.

As a result, villagers are expected to benefit from the new delivery service, said a Dfsres official.

Vang Nan, VangPhan and Vongs Nga are among the seven districts in Vansnam district.

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