Why are some low carb foods so high in sugar?

Health food blogger Laura Flanders writes in her blog, “Health Food Kitchen,” that a lot of people don’t know that many low carb food products contain sugar.

Many foods on the ketogenic diet include high levels of sugar, which can be used to create a “high” feeling.

Many low carb recipes and products don’t even list the sugar content of the products they are replacing.

This is because they don’t want people to feel guilty about eating low carb, or that they should feel guilty for eating low carbohydrate foods.

The keto diet is a low-carb diet, which is a more moderate diet that does not include any refined sugars, added sugar, or refined grains.

Ketogenic diets are also very high in protein, which means the amount of protein you consume is lower than you might be used.

A keto-based diet is high in fat, but it is not a low carb diet.

The healthiest food to consume is fruit, which has high levels to some extent of both antioxidants and fiber.

Some fruits have the ability to provide nutrients such as vitamin B12, but most fruits are not high in those nutrients.

For those who are trying to lose weight, eating fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep that weight off.

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