New York Times editor on Trump, Sanders, Clinton, and Biden: “This election is about who’s got the brains and the guts”

The New York Post’s editorial board has endorsed Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Joe Biden for president, and has endorsed Joe Biden over Donald Trump for the presidency.

The Post’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden was a surprise, and they did not expect it, but it is a fitting move for a publication that has generally opposed the Clintons in the past.

The paper wrote in its endorsement that Sanders is a better leader and more trustworthy candidate for president.

The editorial board said, “Biden’s experience in government is one that most voters have been searching for, and it would be an honor to have him serve as vice president.

Biden has been a tireless advocate for working families and is a man who has stood up to Wall Street, and for his ability to work with others to solve our problems.

In our view, Biden is a more effective and effective vice president than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The vice president has been working across the aisle to advance bipartisan solutions that address the nation’s biggest challenges.”

It was clear that the Post editorial board believes that Biden is the better choice to lead the country in the coming years.

The paper is currently publishing a book on Biden’s life that he hopes to launch next month.

Biden is running in the race for the Democratic nomination for president against Republican Donald Trump and Republican Joe Biden.

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