Ethiopian food: Ethiopian family cooks rice for friends

The Ethiopian family has been cooking rice for the last couple of weeks in their home for their friends who have been unable to make their own food due to the recent flooding.

It’s a simple process but they have been enjoying it and they’re sharing the recipes with the world on social media.

The family is from the capital of Addis Ababa and lives in a two-room house.

They are members of a religious group called the Amharic Ethiopian Community.

The community is a very conservative sect that rules over many parts of Ethiopia.

They have cooked rice, lentils, sweet potato, potatoes and even some vegetables, to share with the community.

“We were so happy because our friends are still alive and they are eating our food,” Siyabu, the father of three, told CNN.

“But now we can’t cook because of the flooding and the floodwaters.

We are trying to make food for the community and we can only prepare rice, and that’s why we are sharing our food on social networks.”

The family had already been preparing meals for several friends.

The rice is used as a basic staple in the Ethiopian diet, and some say it is a traditional staple.

The Amharics believe the food originated from a sacred place.

The Amharis, who live mainly in the mountains and near the border with Eritrea, are one of the few ethnic groups that are considered to be Ethiopian, a minority in Ethiopia.

But their community is also called Ethiopians, a group that includes both Ashkenazi Jews and Muslims.

Ethiopia has experienced extreme flooding and drought conditions in recent months.

People have been forced to take to the streets to demand food aid and the government has stepped up its response.

People who need help with food are trying their best to find them.

There is also an initiative called Red Cross Food in Ethiopia, which gives people food donations.

The food distribution effort is supported by a number of NGOs including Oxfam, Save the Children and Mercy Corps.

The people are worried about the food that they can no longer make and the food is now in very short supply.

“They are in the process of cooking rice and lentils but there is no rice, so we are unable to cook them,” Sijabu said.

“The rice is not very good and we are trying our best to cook it for them.”

The food they are making is mostly rice and potatoes.

The family is sharing the recipe with the international community.

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