What to do when your food is being taken out of your fridge by protesters: IKEA

In what can only be described as an extreme example of the new normal in America, a local restaurant has been forced to take the food of their patrons out of their fridge because of protesters at their doors. 

The restaurant, in downtown Minneapolis, has been closed since January and its owner, IKEa Minneapolis, says they have not received a single complaint about the disruption.

IKEbK, which is owned by IKEas Twin Cities division of the same company as the popular food and beverage chain, has not yet responded to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

In this video posted on January 14, a protester is seen attempting to grab a piece of food from a IKEapartment in Minneapolis.

 In the video, the person can be heard yelling “No, you cannot take my food!” as a group of protesters attempts to push a woman’s chair into the ground.

IK, the largest grocery store chain in the world, is one of the largest and most profitable companies in the US, with $18 billion in sales last year.

I’ve spoken to several people at the restaurant who are very upset by the protesters’ behavior and the disruption to their food, and have been assured that they will not be coming back.

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