How food delivery services have become a $1 billion business

By AP Food delivery services like Uber and Grab are making the delivery business viable and lucrative.

Now, food delivery is on the verge of being a $200 billion industry.

But what is food delivery?

What are the risks?

How do they work?

The answers to those questions and more are in a new report by the Center for Food Innovation, a nonprofit group based in Washington, D.C. The report is part of the Center’s 2017 Food Innovation Report, which will be published this month.

Here are a few key takeaways: The food delivery business is growing fast.

The food service industry grew more than 9 percent last year, to $2.9 trillion.

This year, food service providers are expected to account for about 6 percent of the U.S. food economy.

They’re also growing fast: By 2024, the industry expects to account in the double digits.

That’s an increase of almost 100 percent from the year before.

The growing food service sector is fueling the growth of a burgeoning food economy in the United States.

This is partly because, as with most other sectors, food is now being delivered from trucks to restaurants and stores.

In the past, food was shipped by truck.

In 2014, the largest number of food shipments were from grocery stores.

But with food delivery becoming a growing business, the delivery companies have been working hard to expand their networks and to build out their delivery teams.

Some of the biggest food delivery players in the U-S., like Uber, Grab, and Deliveroo, have grown their networks by building out delivery fleets and adding delivery drivers.

And, in some cases, they’ve also created their own delivery platforms, such as Instacart.

But these platforms are small compared to the number of companies that are trying to compete in this market.

This isn’t an industry-wide trend.

According to a 2016 report by food-delivery company Expedia, the U, as a whole, is the largest food delivery market.

That report estimated that more than 30 percent of U. S. deliveries were made by small business-owned or franchised carriers.

But the number actually declined in the past two years, from 36 percent to 32 percent.

In fact, just two percent of all U. s deliveries were served by food delivery firms in 2016, according to the report.

So, while the food service business has been growing for years, there are a number of drivers out there who are competing in this space.

And the competition is heating up.

Food delivery is now an industry that has many players, says Andrew J. Smith, an associate professor of economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

It’s very fragmented, which means there’s lots of competition in each market, and lots of companies competing.

And there are companies that specialize in the delivery of food.

This includes delivery companies like Grab and Uber, which compete against each other for customers.

And companies like Instacapart, which provide food delivery to grocery stores and other places where delivery is not the norm.

Some food delivery companies also compete with each other.

And some of the competition may be driven by the fact that food delivery providers are now the fastest growing segment in the food economy, says Jason R. Smith of the Institute for Food Technologists.

And as food delivery becomes a more lucrative business, there’s less and less room for the delivery drivers who deliver to people in grocery stores to work.

Food services like Grab are now able to make a profit.

In 2016, the average food service driver in the country made about $18,000 a year, according, the report estimates.

But in 2024, that number was projected to fall to $15,000, due to the decline in the amount of food that is being delivered.

The number of delivery drivers has also declined over the past few years.

The average driver made $19,000 in 2016.

By 2024 that number would be down to $12,000.

And by 2024, about 10 percent of drivers would be out of a job.

The trend of food delivery drivers getting paid more is a concern.

The median hourly wage in the industry is $12.75, the study estimates.

And drivers may be making less than $8 per hour, because the median gross hourly wage is $11.50.

The question is whether the trend will continue or continue to decrease.

And whether the number and types of drivers who are working fewer hours will continue to grow or shrink.

Food service companies like Uber are now gaining ground in the restaurant delivery space.

Uber is making inroads with more than 3,500 restaurants in the cities where it operates, according the report, and the number is expected to grow by more than 20 percent annually.

This means that by 2024 the number in this industry will be at least 10 times greater than the number who work for food delivery service companies.

And food service drivers will continue competing with food services like Instacentra and Grab.

The companies that have gained ground

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