Amazon’s Whole Foods opens in Puerto Rico

Food, water and medical supplies are among the goods being delivered to the island by Amazon’s wholesale food and grocery delivery service, and Amazon is also launching its own retail chain.

The Whole Foods retail chain is opening in Puerto Rican territory.

It is a joint venture between Amazon and the Puerto Rican government.

Amazon says the new store is set to open by mid-December.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Puerto Rico’s new food and convenience store, the Whole Foods Market,” said Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos.

“The first store in Puerto Ricos territory is set for opening this December.

It will serve up fresh, organic, locally sourced produce, locally grown produce and healthy meals and snacks.

We are proud of the new partnership and look forward to partnering with the Puerto Rico government to expand our delivery services in Puerto Rica.”

The opening of the Whole Food Market is the latest in a series of major investments by Amazon to expand its delivery services and grow its footprint in Puerto rico.

The company recently opened its first Amazon Fresh delivery service in the U.S. and plans to expand that to a number of markets in the next few years.

The first store is scheduled to open in the territory on December 19.

Last year, Amazon opened its second retail chain in Puerto ricos territory, the Amazon Marketplace, and launched its second distribution center in the state of Puerto Rico.

The Amazon Marketplace is a marketplace that delivers products and services from Amazon and its partners, such as Whole Foods, Walmart, AmazonFresh and other grocery chains.

The Marketplace is available to Puerto Ricans and Amazon Prime members, who pay a monthly fee to access its offerings.

The site offers products including Amazon’s Fresh and Prime meals, as well as products, including books, furniture and furniture accessories.

Amazon also offers Amazon Prime Video, which allows subscribers to watch up to 100 hours of original content for free a year, in partnership with Disney.

Amazon is now expanding its online shopping options to Puerto Rico, which has the second-largest population of U.K. citizens after Ireland.

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