Why you should eat more potassium and eat less sodium

The word “sodium” has been around for a while.

It means the same thing as “steward” or “giver” in English.

Sodium, like many things, is just another way to say “good things.”

But there’s a difference between a good thing and a good reason.

There’s also a difference among good things.

You can’t have a good meal without a good dish.

You don’t need to have a great dish without a great meal.

The word sodium is important for that reason.

It’s an ingredient that’s been used for millennia to describe food.

Sodium is a key ingredient in a lot of foods and some of them are essential.

You should have enough of it to make you feel satisfied.

And you should have it in your diet to help your body keep your blood pressure under control.

Sodium has also been used as a symbol of good health and a way to express gratitude.

Sodium makes up about 6% of the human body’s total volume.

It has a pH of about 7, so the body needs to get it right at room temperature, about 6 degrees Celsius (8 degrees Fahrenheit), to keep the water in your body from becoming too acidic.

(You can think of a body as a big, round soup pot.)

To understand how sodium works, it helps to understand how water works.

The water molecules that make up your body are called ions.

When you drink water, these ions dissolve in the water, forming water crystals.

When the water crystals get too big, they become gas, which creates bubbles.

When bubbles form, the bubbles expand, forming a wall.

These bubbles make it possible for your body to absorb and use the water.

But because they’re made up of ions, they don’t form water in the first place.

So when you drink a large amount of water, your body creates water in its own way, by taking up the salt that’s in the salt water.

And this creates a bubble in the bottom of your glass, making it look like a little water.

When your body drinks the saltwater, the crystals in your glass dissolve into water, creating a bubble.

The bubbles expand and form a wall in the glass.

This wall, called a bubble, makes it possible to absorb water.

It makes it so you can drink a lot more water.

The more water you drink, the bigger the bubbles.

So you drink more water and the more bubbles, the more salt your body needs.

And the more salts your body can get from the water and saltwater in your water and food, the less sodium you need to consume.

The body has a natural sodium reserve, a reservoir of sodium.

The saltwater and the water that it absorbs is absorbed into the body, and then the body can use it for energy.

The less salt you drink or the more water your body takes up, the faster your body has to process the salt, which means it can get more sodium.

And that’s the reason it’s so important to consume enough salt to get the body to use it.

You need to eat enough salt for the body’s sodium needs.

If you eat too much salt, you might be putting yourself at risk of sodium toxicity, a condition where you become more sensitive to the effects of salt in your blood and urine.

Sodium levels should be a good indication that your body is getting enough salt.

Your body has lots of sodium stores.

Your kidneys can make sodium chloride, which is a salt, and it can make potassium chloride, also a salt.

If your kidneys can’t make enough sodium chloride to get enough potassium to keep your body functioning, you may be having too much of a good things/bad things scenario.

And if your kidneys are chronically low in potassium, your kidneys might not be able to handle the extra sodium being pumped into your body, which can lead to sodium toxicity.

The other thing to know is that if you drink too much sodium, you could have sodium poisoning.

That’s because sodium can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney failure.

And in people who have kidney failure, there is a risk that excessive sodium consumption could cause more damage.

The problem is that sodium is metabolized by the kidneys.

When a person’s kidneys break down sodium, they produce potassium, which the kidneys can use to get rid of sodium in the urine.

If a person drinks too much potassium, their kidneys may become too depleted to do their job, leading to a condition called potassium poisoning.

It could cause kidney failure or even death.

The good news is that the best way to prevent sodium toxicity is to limit your sodium intake to about 2,500 milligrams per day, which includes about one cup of tea and two or three glasses of red wine.

To help prevent sodium from getting in your urine, drink about two cups of water per day and one to two glasses of water a day.

Eat more foods that contain

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