Food pyramid: Is it the answer to your health or a scam?

Health experts, including doctors and nutritionists, are urging consumers to look into food pyramid schemes as a way to cut their health-care costs and reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Monday it will soon begin to study food pyramid products, which it said could be used to promote healthier eating.

The Food Pyramid, which uses ingredients that are commonly found in food products, has been around for years.

The Food Pyramid was first approved in 2000.

It is designed to help consumers choose healthier products because they can be found at a grocery store, or they can order online or through an online website.

The pyramid is designed with the goal of providing consumers with the best possible food at the lowest possible price.

It has been linked to health risks.

In the latest edition of the “Food Pyramid Report Card,” a publication by the U.

K-based Consumers Union, the CDC said the Food Pyramid “is not the healthiest way to eat and does not reduce the risk of chronic disease.”

The study, which will be released next week, looked at a sample of food pyramid product submissions.

The group found that the number of items per food pyramid basket ranged from one to five.

Consumers who used the Food Pools were more likely to have a diet that included more processed foods than those who used a variety of healthy options, the study said.

More:More:Consumer groups say consumers are being misled by the Food pyramid and are calling for a crackdown on food pyramid companies.

“Consumers have been duped into believing that there is a magic formula for good nutrition,” said Robert Lustig, a professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, who is also director of the Icah Center for Food Innovation at Icahn University in New York.

“What they’re getting is just a lot of ingredients and a lot and a whole lot of packaging and a bunch of different things.”

He added that food pyramid scams are particularly dangerous because consumers who take part in them are not getting the best nutrition.

The government’s Health Protection Agency said last year that food products sold on the FoodPools website could be contaminated with toxic metals, including lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

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