How the food trucks near you can help save animals at the curb

CBC News is reporting a new campaign from Good Food Near Me, which wants to find and promote halal food vendors in neighbourhoods where there are large crowds.

Halal food is legal in Canada and there are more than 30 countries around the world that have their own food and drink shops where people can buy food and drinks.

The Good Food program aims to encourage people to get out and find halal restaurants.

It’s not just about finding the right place to eat, but about being aware of the laws around halal and where to find them.

“There’s a lot of people who have been to these food trucks and seen the halal products and have no idea what it is, so this is the opportunity for them to educate themselves,” said Michael Brown, the executive director of Good Food near Me.

“It’s really important for them and it’s important for us.”

He said the campaign has been an instant success.

“People are coming in and they’re asking questions, asking about the halala and they are talking about how it’s not as big of a deal,” said Brown.

“They’re saying, ‘This is halal, I’m going to try it, and I’m not going to go to a mosque.'”

The Good Fruits and Vegetables and Vegemite campaign is targeting people in the Greater Toronto Area and the Ottawa area.

It’s also running in Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal.

The program is part of a larger campaign called Good Food, which is trying to get Canadians to be more aware of halal meat, dairy and eggs.

“What you want to see is people understand that you can still buy halal,” said the executive producer of the campaign, Adam Fadlan.

“If they are not sure, you can ask them to look up halal in their grocery store or their local mosque.

You can do this on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.”

He also said the Good Food campaign will help spread awareness and make people aware that the halals are not only halal but they are good for people.

“We want to reach as many people as possible to be able to tell their friends that they should be buying halal.”

“We want people to start to understand that halal is something that we can buy.

If they’re not aware of it, they should get involved,” said Fadlen.

The campaign will also be running in the Ottawa region, and in Toronto.

The new campaign is part, of course, of Good Foods’ campaign to educate people about halal.

The Good Food project has been running in a number of cities and communities around the country, including Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Edmonton.

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