What to look for in fast food restaurants

There are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning on dining at a fast food restaurant during rush hour: 1.

Make sure you’re not eating fast food inside.

The only place where you’re supposed to be eating fast-food-like foods are inside the restaurant.


Don’t be afraid to ask if there are any items in the freezer.


Don-Tick your stomach.

You may be able to eat some of the food you have but it’s not the right way to feel.


Don’ t be afraid of the grease.

Don t worry about it as long as you’re eating healthy.

If you’re worried about the grease, try using a hand sanitizer instead of hand sanitizing wipes.


Try the salad bar.

There are salads, sandwiches, and even pizza to choose from.


If your child is hungry, make sure they’re happy.

If they’re hungry, then don’t be embarrassed.


Don”t be too stressed if you don”t make it in.

It”s okay to not make it out.

If someone comes in and asks if you need anything, it”s a good sign that you have enough food.


Keep your eyes open for empty plates.

If a waiter doesn”t have a table available, that”s probably because there are no tables.

If the waiter says he”ll have the table next to you but doesn” t, then that is a sign that the food is running low.


If there”s an empty plate, take it.

If it”ll be full, take the plate with you.


If everyone else is eating, don” t be so focused on what”s left that you lose sight of the real goal.


Don,t be so stressed that you don’t eat.

If nobody else is hungry and you feel stressed because you didn”t eat, take a break from the fast food and go somewhere else.

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