Why some restaurants are giving up on French fries

For those who crave French fries and other low-carb snacks, the latest on French fries in Canada is a disappointment.

But the French fries you’ve always wanted are now in trouble.

CBC News spoke to a couple of restaurants in Toronto about the changes that have occurred and what they’re doing about it.

“We don’t serve fries any more,” says Chef-owner Michel Dupont.

He adds that the new rules mean they’ll now only serve fries that come with sauces.

“And we’re going to replace them with low-fat fries that are much less fatty,” Dupont says.

But Dupont’s isn’t the only restaurant that’s making changes to what it does with its fries.

A local bakery in Ottawa is switching to a higher fat, less salty version of its traditional French fries.

And, in Halifax, the city’s only French fry shop has decided to change its menu to focus on the food they’re serving.

The French Fry Place, located at the intersection of King and Bloor streets, is opening a new location in May.

But its former location will still serve its original menu, which includes French fries, French gravy, French cheese fries and french onion rings.

But it’ll only have French fries in the main course, and its fries will no longer come with gravy or sauces.

Chef-owners Philippe Le Roux and Michel Dupon say that they’ve been trying to get the French Fry place to stay open.

“For us it’s always been a challenge, but now it’s just easier because we know that it’s the right thing to do,” Dupon says.

Dupont is happy to keep serving French fries on his old French fry menu, but he wants to make sure the rest of his menu doesn’t change.

He’s even looking at adding more French gravy to his fries.

Dupon also wants to keep the traditional French fry on his menu as well.

He says that the fries themselves won’t be changing, but the sauces will.

“You can’t change the ingredients, you can’t add more sauces,” Dupons says.

“But the ingredients are changing.”

And Dupont doesn’t want to make the change without knowing what he’ll be serving.

He has a lot of French fries to try, he says, and if the fries aren’t changing, he’s not sure what he’d eat with them.

“I’m not sure that’s the ideal situation,” Duponte says.

The restaurants that have stopped serving French fry are also seeing an increase in customers, says owner Jean-Pierre Dallaire.

The Quebec City-based restaurant has had a large uptick in the number of customers, which has prompted him to offer a discount on his fries, Dupont notes.

“People are coming to us because of the French fry,” Dallaires says.

A big part of that change, Dupon adds, is the new menu.

“The French fries are changing, the sauces are changing,” Dupass says.

Le Rouxt says he’s seen an increase of customers on the day they’ve started serving French Fries.

“There are so many people, it’s hard to keep up with them all,” Le Rouux says.

Dallay says that there’s no change to his menu that would make him change the way he serves his French fries now.

“It’s just a new way to prepare French fries,” Dalay says.

Other restaurants that offer French fries at all now include Café de Ville, the same one Dupont runs.

But he says that they’re going back to using regular French fries when it comes to serving them.

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