Fromm dog treats a welcome addition to the menu at Brisbane’s Food Pantry

Fromm Dog Food Express is pleased to announce the addition of a new restaurant to its Melbourne-based franchise network, The Chicken Littles.

The company will open its first Brisbane branch in the Brisbane CBD in September and it’s expecting to soon expand to Melbourne and Adelaide as well.

“Fromm Dogfood Express is delighted to welcome its first Melbourne branch and has secured its first Adelaide branch in a busy time for us, especially with the opening of The ChickenLittles restaurant,” Mr Scott said.

“The ChickenLits is a family owned and operated family restaurant and has been serving Brisbaneites since 2006.”

With a number of new restaurants opening, including the ChickenLitters, we’re excited to open our first Brisbane location to meet our customers’ growing needs.

“Fromm’s food is a great fit for the Brisbane community and a great opportunity for the local community to come together and enjoy delicious food, he said.

The chicken littles is a fast food restaurant that’s been serving a high-quality menu for more than a decade.

The Chicken Lits will open in Brisbane’s CBD and it will offer a variety of dishes including chicken sandwiches, chicken soup, grilled chicken, grilled fish, fried chicken, and chicken soup with gravy.

It will also offer fresh produce from its Brisbane and Southport gardens and fresh produce in its Brisbane restaurant.

It’s hoped that the chicken lits will provide a local and fresh local experience to the Brisbane and regional community.

The chain has a total of 27 restaurants around the world, with a Brisbane branch on the way.”

We’re excited for the opportunity to bring our restaurant experience to Brisbane, with this new addition to our franchise network,” Mr MacNeil said.

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