Good food, high cholesterol foods: Korean food nearby me

A couple of days ago, we posted a video of Korean food near us, including some of my favourite Korean dishes, and people were asking us what our favourite food is. 

The answer is the kimchi-rice, a staple in Korean cuisine that you can buy from the street vendors all over town. 

In the video, a couple of Korean street vendors offer a variety of Korean dishes to passersby, and we all shared our favourite dishes. 

I had the most favourites.

This kimchis-rice is so good.

I love it!

A very different kimcha.

Another traditional Korean dish.

The same one I had in mind when I asked you to name your favourite food.

But that’s not what I was really thinking when I came up with this one.

I just wanted to share it with you guys, because this is something that I know you will all like.

It’s a Korean rice dish that’s made with rice, pork, soy sauce, and a lot of vegetables.

 In addition to the rice, it’s served with some fried chicken, cabbage, and scallions, which makes for a very tasty meal. 

For this dish, I have made it a little bit different by adding some pork, which really adds to the flavours.

In addition, there’s also a lot more vegetables and scallion in this dish than in the traditional kimachi. 

You can also get a little extra sauce here, too, so you can add more toppings to this dish. 

It comes with a side of pickled cabbage and scalp.

When I got home, I went ahead and made it the night before and made my own version of the kimbap, which is a Korean bread, that you could also make into kimbach. 

This kimbapp is also very good, and I think it’ll be a great addition to any Korean meal.

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