Why is Italy so happy?

On the eve of the opening of the second World Cup, the national food bank is celebrating with its biggest cake yet.

It’s been a long journey, but finally we’re opening our eyes to the beauty of the Italian dream, said Stefano Goya, the head of the food bank. 

In the year and a half since the start of the tournament, the Italian people have been waiting for their first cake, said Goya. 

A new day is dawning, he said, “to celebrate our success, to celebrate the Italians who have made the World Cup a success and who are still working for a better future.

We want to show them that we are alive.” 

The cake, which was created by local baker Gianluca Gabbiano, was presented by Goya and his wife to Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Friday morning. 

The national food aid agency, Famiglietti delle Storia di Storia (FSS), said the cake will be given to children in the poorest areas, the elderly, the unemployed and people who are suffering from hunger. 

“It will be the first time a cake has been given to a child in the last 10 years,” said Francesca Gabbio, the FSS food bank chief.

“The cake will make a statement that the Italians are in the same position as the poor people of Africa, that we have the same ambitions as the children of the poorest African countries, that it is not about poverty, but about a better life for everyone,” she said. 

Founded in 2000, the charity is responsible for delivering food parcels to over 5 million households and helping to provide basic goods and services to over 50 million people in Italy. 

At the same time, the foundation is campaigning to increase its budget to 100 million euros ($108 million) a year by 2020. 

There are now some 8 million households in Italy with food banks. 

Italian Prime Minister Renzi, who is due to be inaugurated on Friday, is known for his warm and friendly manner. 

Gabbio said the prime minister was “really impressed” by the cake, and hoped that it would make an impact.

“He said: ‘You have to make the cake and I have to have the cake,'” Gabbia told the AP news agency.

“I can’t wait to eat it.

He was really impressed and I hope it will make an impression.” 

Famigliette delle Siete delle FSS, or Food and Support for the World, is one of Italy’s two largest public-private charities, which provides food and household items for the poorest.

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