Paneer Recipe

This category contains the paneer recipe. Paneer is a high protein diet having monounsaturated fat which helps in maintaining the body weight. Paneer is an important diet for humans. Paneer contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Omega-6 Fatty Acids. These help in fighting the other bone problems. paneer is the largest-selling cheese in India. In fact, this easy-to-make in households. Homemade paneer contains much more nutrition than the purchased ones. However, the readymade paneer which is available in stores may or may not contain preservatives that are harmful to our body.

Paneer, the one which is made from cow milk is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains calcium, protein, vitamins and many other nutrients that make it a healthy food.

Health Benefits of Paneer Recipe:

It  is rich in proteins
It maintains Blood Sugar Levels
It contains high calcium
It protects our heart
It helps to increase in RBC count
It helps in losing weight
It helps in fighting cancer
It is beneficial in type-2 disease
It improves digestion
It improves our immune system
It is a rich source of Folate.

Paneer is a very popular dish in marriage ceremonies, and other functions. There are many varieties in paneer such as shahi paneer, chilli paneer, and many more. Paneer an important diet for humans. It is prepared by adding acid in the milk, such as lemon juice, yogurt, and many others, to separate the curds from the whey. Paneer contains calcium, vitamins, and protein that are necessary elements that are necessary for our body.

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