Cooking tips are important to give food new taste and make our food yummy and healthy and it’s also important to store our food easily.

Tips That Will Change Your Life

  1. Tips To prevent dal from frothing- Add a tbsp of oil when cooking dals to prevent it from frothing and spilling all over.
  2. To make tasty filter coffee- Add a little sugar to the coffee filter before adding coffee powder, then add boiling milk to it.
  3. How to preserve lemon juice- When you have more lemons, freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays and use it. It stays good for 15-20 days.
  4. To get fluffy rice- Add a tbsp of fresh lemon juice and one pinch of salt when cooking rice to get fluffy and whiter grains.
  5. To break coconut exactly into 2 equal halves- Wet the coconut and draw an imaginary line around the midriff with your two fingers and then breaking it. I follow this tip every time.
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