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Food delivery near me? Food delivery is happening here, but I’m afraid it’s in my area

Food delivery in Korea is expanding, and you may not know where to look for it.A company called EZ Food delivered meals from grocery stores to restaurants near you.I got a free order, and I ordered an iced tea, a hot dog, a pizza, a rice pudding, and a sandwich.It’s worth noting that I received […]

Take Out Food Lion Launches in Australia

Food Lion is Australia’s first food delivery service to offer delivery within its own territory, delivering food to customers’ doorsteps as they choose it.The company is targeting people living in outer suburbs of Melbourne and will soon launch to the suburbs of North Melbourne and Werribee, where the company currently offers delivery within 200km.“Food Lion […]

When it comes to your food delivery options, the Philippines is your new #Lion of the Desert

Now Playing: The Philippines: ‘I am a man of peace’ Now Playing ‘I would rather die in a forest than live in the middle of the jungle’ Now Play: Philippines: Filipinos living in the jungle fear getting sick Now Playing’I am so sorry’: How Philippine officials are addressing the deadly pandemic Now Playing:’We are here […]

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